1. How can I recover a deleted Gmail email if it’s not visible in my Trash folder, and what are the steps to ensure it doesn’t get lost permanently?

    • If you need to recover a deleted Gmail email that isn’t visible in your Trash folder, start by checking if it’s still within the 30-day window. Gmail automatically purges emails in the Trash after 30 days. To access the Trash folder, open your Gmail account and navigate to the left side panel. Click on ‘More’ to expand additional options, then select ‘Trash’. If the email is not found there, use the search bar at the top of Gmail to search for any keywords, senders, or subjects related to the email. If the email is not in the Trash and the deletion was recent, Google’s “Missing Emails Support” tool can be a valuable resource. This tool, accessible through the Gmail Help section, assists in recovering deleted emails that are not in the Trash. Additionally, consider implementing preventive measures to avoid future loss, such as regularly backing up your emails with Google Takeout and setting up email forwarding to another account for real-time backups.

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