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Linksys is an American organization founded in 1988 by Janie Tsao and Victor. It is selling data networking hardware mainly to small businesses and home users. It provides Ethernet switches, wired and wireless routers, wireless web video cameras, network storage systems, VoIP equipment, and audio-visual products. Linksys products are sold to customers off the shelf from customer internet retailers, electronic stores, and big-box retail stores like supermarkets. Linksys produces its most trusted product in the Marketplace that is the Linksys router. These routers are very popular as having reliable and advanced technology with both excellent hardware. Several people are purchasing these Linksys routers for accessing the high-speed internet connection and share with your multiple devices. Linksys routers provide several kinds of router devices that constitute Wifi extenders, antennas, wired and wireless routers, modems, and many more. In case, you are utilizing the Linksys router and facing any issues related to your router, you should call Linksys customer service phone number and talk with Linksys technical support experts for better guidance. These experts available at the Linksys router setup service will deliver you appropriate solutions to tackle your problems easily via Linksys setup number. To get this verified Linksys phone number, you have to reach the official site. You can support Linksys customer support team for their instant support services by providing your valuable feedback.linksys router setup

Linksys Router Setup >> How to setup Linksys router?

In order to setup Linksys router, you have to perform these instructions carefully and setup Linksys router successfully. In case of any issue, just call Linksys router support number.

  1. Connect the Linksys router into a power source and permit it to turn on and follow the initialization procedure.
  2. Now, plug an Ethernet cable into the modem port. In case, in a college dorm, several colleges will have an Ethernet cable jack previously installed in the room that you put the cable in.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable into the back of the router which is marked “Internet” option. Next, connect the second Ethernet cable into the suitable port on the device and other into one of the ports shown “1-4” on your Linksys router. In case of any confusion in this step, just call Linksys phone number.
  4. Now, launch your internet browser and type this ‘168.1.1’ IP address in the address bar of the internet browser performed by clicking the “Enter” key.
  5. After that, provide your Linksys router login ID and password. Enter “admin” as the user ID and password. In case it doesn’t work, you can take the help of Linksys customer support number regarding any troubleshooting idea for Linksys router password.
  6. Go to the Linksys router setup window and reset the Router name.
  7. Choose the “save settings” option from the menu bar followed by pressing the “continue” option when you see “settings are successful” dialog box.
  8. Select the “wireless” menu tab shown at the upper side of the Linksys router settings window.
  9. Reset the “SSID” or “wireless network name” to a unique name. The Linksys router name provided already can be used again at this point if desired.
  10. Deactivate the menu named “Wireless SSID Broadcast” option and choose the “Save settings” menu button. After displaying the “Settings are successful” dialog box, press the “Continue” menu button. If something goes incorrect, then call the Linksys number.
  11. Choose the “Wireless Security” sub-menu shown on the upper side of the screen.
  12. Utilize the “Security mode” dropdown menu box and select the “WEP” menu option. After that, choose the “128 bits 26 hex digits” and provide a Linksys router password b/w 6 and 8 characters in the Passphrase box.
  13. Choose the “generate” option and select the “saves settings” option.
  14. Press the “Continue” option after the “settings are successful” dialog box appears. Alternatively, the WPA encrypted algorithm can be chosen; although, it isn’t supported on all network cards.linksys customer service
  15. In case, you want to enable MAC filtering to additional secure access to the wireless Linksys router, choose the “wireless MAC filter subsection shown on the upper side on the Linksys router setup menu. For further assistance regarding this step, call the Linksys contact number.
  16. Press the “enable” option and select the menu option to “allow only” Pc’s available for accessing the network followed by pressing the “save settings” option followed by the “continue” button. If you need help regarding this step, then feel free and call the Linksys router setup number.
  17. Press the “Edit MAC filter list” option and type the MAC address for every device for permitting to link to the network. Choose the “save settings” and “Continue” option.
  18. Select the “Administration” window.
  19. Reset the Linksys router default passcode to access the Linksys router by providing the new one into the “router password” field and verify the change.
  20. Make sure this password is dissimilar than one utilized for WEP encryption and press the “Save settings” and “continue” option. For further help, dial Linksys help number.

Through this procedure, you can easily setup Linksys router without any hassle. If any issue happens, then directly call Linksys customer service number and get the assistance from the Linksys router support team who are always present at the Linksys setup service. They will rectify your issue and provide you specific solutions to your particular issues via Linksys help number. The Linksys customer service number is one of the easiest and fastest option to get efficient solutions.

Linksys Router Support >> How to reset Linksys router

If you want to reset your Linksys router, then you can perform this guide and reset your router easily. These steps are very simple to understand and easy to implement.linksys extender setup

  1. Click and hold the reset option given on the Linksys router for some time while it is powered on.
  2. When the WLAN indication lights, power, and internet turn back on, release the reset option.
  3. Connect the computer to a router utilizing an Ethernet cable and launch the internet browser.
  4. Type ‘168.1.1’ as the IP address followed by pressing the “enter” button for accessing the router admin window.
  5. Type “admin” for the sign in and “admin” for the Linksys router password if you have the latest Linksys router. In case, it is older, then the ‘sign-in’ name may be blank.
  6. Continue with the setup of the Linksys router. Contact the Linksys support phone number in order to get further assistance related to this section.

After completing this section, you have successfully reset your Linksys router. If you face any kind of difficulty while using these steps listed above, then you can call Linksys customer service phone number and get assistance from Linksys customer support team.

Linksys Support Numbers – Official:

For instant support services, if you are looking for the official Linksys tech support number, then this guide is very helpful. In this section, we have mentioned some official and verified Linksys phone numbers and live support chat that is listed here as per the resources present on the internet. These Linksys numbers and other contact details are reliable and best according to our knowledge. But these contact options and Linksys contact numbers could be changed by its manufacturer anytime without any information. So, before you contact Linksys technical support team using these Linksys support phone number or other contact options, you should check them by yourself. In order to get instant support, you can use our support number posted on this site. It will transfer you to the best independent third-party Linksys customer service phone number.

Linksys customer service number 1 800-546-5797
Linksys technical support number USA 800-326-7114
Linksys live chat support Linksys Support Chat
Linksys technical support number Canada (877) 855-6899
Linksys customer service number Canada 1-800-546-5797
Linksys office number (949) 270-8500
Linksys support number UK 02 030 274 625

linksys router supportSetup Linksys Router >> How to login to Linksys router

In order to make successful access to your Linksys router, you require executing these points provided below. These steps are quite simple and define how to sign in to Linksys router without any hassles. In case of any troubles, contact Linksys router customer service by dialing Linksys number.

Let’s get started with these simple steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you should ensure that the router and your PC are connected to a similar network.
  2. After checking this, open your internet browser and enter this IP address into the search bar. But sometime this IP address fails to accept. So, in order to tackle out this error, you can find a default IP address list in which you can search particular IP addresses for your particular Linksys router. If you feel any difficulty while understanding this step, then you can instantly take the help of Linksys tech support number.
  3. After that, the screen will show you a web interface where you need to input your login credentials to obtain a successful output.
  4. Now, you have to enter the username. For this, you should leave this username box blanked if you have not yet modified the factory default settings. Otherwise, in case you have modified the settings, then you can input your customized data.
  5. After doing so, Enter the password. To fill this box, if you have not modified the default password, then you should enter “admin” as a password.
  6. After providing all login credentials, click on the “Login” button to over the session. At last, you are signed in with the connected Linksys router. For further assistance, dial Linksys customer service number to get in touch with the expert Linksys help team.

The Linksys router login process is over now. If you follow this complete process systematically, then you can easily login to your Linksys router. In case, you are unable to login to router using these points listed above, then you need to reach the Linksys router support for the best guidance. The technical experts sitting at the support Linksys service will offer the desired assistance via Linksys phone number. If you want to get this official Linksys support phone number, then you can go to the official website where you can also get several other options to contact Linksys customer support team such as email services, chat support and remotely help. ButLinksys customer service phone number is the best way to obtain effective solutions over the phone.linksys wireless router setup

Linksys Setup >> How to reset Linksys router default password

In order to change your Linksys router default password, you need to follow these guidelines carefully. Doing so, you don’t stick anywhere while resetting the password. In case of any problem, you can contact Linksys router customer service for better assistance.

  1. Open your web browser and enter your default IP address into the search bar.
  2. Once the sign-in window opened, just input all the login credentials such as your Linksys router username and password.
  3. Now, press the login button.
  4. After that, press the “factory and defaults” option given under the Administration tab.
  5. Press the “restore factory defaults” option.
  6. At last, once the power spotlight is not blinking, you have completed the reset session. Contact Linksys customer service phone number to get more information regarding this topic.

Even after following these steps shown above, if you still face any issue, then you take the help of Linksys contact number. The experts sitting at the Linksys setup service will deliver you the best resolutions to tackle this issue instantly via Linksys tech support number. You can easily get this Linksys number on the official site. If you are unable to connect with the official Linksys support phone number, then you can dial the support number posted on this webpage that will contact you to the best independent third-party Linksys support number.

Linksys Router Support >> Linksys router configuration procedure

This simple Linksys router configuration process will assist you to configure the router easily. If you follow this method carefully, then you can easily complete this session without any hindrance.

  1. Open your web browser window and enter as the default IP address of Linksys router.
  2. After that, type the password of your network into the given field. Don’t fill the username and enter the router’s password and press “OK” option.
  3. Enter the OpenDNSinto the given static DNS 1 and DNS 2 fields. You need to enter your current DNS settings before you switch to OpenDNS if you wish to go to back your old settings for any kind of reason.

linksys phone numberThe OpenDNS addresses are:

  • 67.220.220
  • 67.222.222

If you require adding a 3rd and 4th entry, then utilize the following:

  • 67.220.222
  • 67.222.220
  1. Press the “Save settings” option. After pressing “save the settings”, we highly recommend that you remove the internet browser caches and DNS resolver cache to make sure that the latest configuration settings of DNS take instant effect. For additional help, contact Linksys customer support number.

The configuration process of Linksys router is completed now. All these steps provided above are simple and understandable. In case, this process doesn’t work properly, you can contact Linksys router customer service by giving a call on Linksys phone number. The technicians available at the Linksys setup service will understand your problem from the root level and provide you appropriate solutions. You can easily access this Linksys number from the official support page. Calling Linksys support phone number is one of the best ways to get effective and reliable assistance because oral communication is best to discuss all issues clearly.

Linksys Wireless Router Setup | Manually configuring Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender

If you want to configure the Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender manually, then follow these steps carefully given in this section and configure your range extender manually. In case of any difficulty, you can contact Linksys router customer service by dialing Linksys support number.

Before you start, ensure that you have done the following:

  1. Recognize the Linksys router/access point’s wireless settings that are:
  • Wireless channel
  • Wireless network name (SSID)
  • Wireless security/network key or password
  1. Reset the Linksys range extender:linksys support number

Click and hold the “reset” button given at the upper side of the range extender for some time or until the LED lights begin blinking for restoring to its factory default settings. If you want to know more about it, then you can call Linksys wireless router setup number.

Linksys Extender Setup >> How to configure Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender

Follow this process step by step to configure your wireless -N Range Extender easily. In case, you have any kind of trouble, you just need to call the Linksys contact number. The Linksys help team sitting at the Linksys wireless router setup service will rectify the problem and offer you specific solutions to resolve your issues via Linksys extender setup number.

  1. Connect your PC to the Ethernet port of your Linksys extender utilizing an Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug the Linksys range extender to the power outlet and ensure that LED lights are stable.
  3. Open an internet browser and type “168.1.1” in the address bar as the IP address of your router. In order to know how to check the IP address of router, you can take the assistance of Linksys technical support experts sitting at the Linksys extender setup service.
  4. In the next window, you have to enter your username and password. For this, leave the username field empty and type “admin” into the given password box and then press the “sign-in” button. In case of any issue while logging, just dial Linksys wireless router setup
  5. After doing all these things, follow wireless > Basic wireless settings options.
  6. A “configuration view” pop-up window will be appeared there, choose the “manual” radio button and then type the network name (SSID) of your router.
  7. Go to the wireless security section, choose the security settings that match the configuration of your router. Provide the WEP key and Passphrase, then press the “Save settings” option. if you need help to choose your suitable security mode, then you can get assistance from Linksys extender setup number.

linksys tech support numberYou will get there three security mode such as:

  • WPA Personal or WPA2 personal
  • WPA/WPA2 mixed mode
  • WEP
  1. Disconnect the power cables of the Range extender and router for thirty seconds. Connect in the outlet first. Now, you have to wait for some time until the lights stable and then connect in the range extender. For further help, call Linksys wireless router setup number.

Finally, your Linksys range extender will be synchronized with your router. Perform this whole process carefully and easily configure your Linksys range extender. In case, you encounter any problem while applying these points, then you can contact Linksys extender setup service using Linksys tech support number. The experts available at the Linksys helpline have experience and highly expertise in resolving all kinds of issues quickly. If you are searching these official Linksys contact numbers, then you can visit the official site where you can also seek advanced remote access help via Linksys tech support number. You can also get assistance from any reliable 3rd-party Linksys support number. You can support Linksys router customer service by providing them your best reviews.