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linksys supportLinksys was founded in 1988 by Janie Tsao and Victor; both of them were immigrants in the U.S.A. Initially, it was known as D.E.W. international and later named as Linksys. Printer sharers was their first product which could connect several computers to printers. The company sells networking hardware devices at domestic as well as commercial services. Over the time, it has earned a good name in the field of technology. Some of its products include WiFi extenders, network switches, WiFi routers, access points, and WiFi networking. Here we are delivering to you a guide on how to login to Linksys router, Linksys router setup, Linksys router firmware updates and download, resetting Linksys router, etc. So you can follow these instructions for Linksys routers problems. But if you are finding difficulty in executing the instructions or there is some issue, in that case, you can communicate on the number provided. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider where executives will listen to you and try to solve your problem.

Linksys router setup help >> How to setup a Linksys router

Linksys router setup can be achieved either by installation with CD or by manual configuration.

  • To begin with, connect the router to a power source
  • Next, you have to connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN port
  • Connect the computer to the Linksys router
  • For Smart Connect, you don’t need a CD installation process; you can sign in using your routers web page
  • Before proceeding, make sure that you have full field the following
  • how to setup a linksys routerYou should have the latest version of Chrome or Browser
  • Safari for Mac or iPhone
  • Microsoft edge
  • Latest Adobe Flash Player
  • Ethernet cable if your computer does not support WiFi
  • And, of course, Linksys smart WiFi router
  • Now what to do if you don’t have a modem don’t worry if you don’t have a modem; then, you can connect your internet cable directly into the device or computer’s Ethernet port.

Once this device is connected to the Internet now, you can begin the set up Linksys router process

Smart Wizard setup >> Linksys smart WiFi setup

Connect the router to a power source after you have connected the antenna to achieve Linksys smart WiFi setup

  • Check for the indication in your router; if your router has a power switch, then make sure to switch it on

Now you need to connect your modem to the router via Ethernet cable for Linksys wireless router setup

linksys smart wifi setup

  • If you are connected through a wireless system, then make sure that you are closed to the router during the setup in order to maintain a good signal for Linksys wireless routers setup
  • Now, in the browser enter
  • Here you have to enter your router’s I.P. address; now, if you don’t know your I.P. address, then don’t worry, you just need to enter myrouter.local in the browser or type This is a default I.P. address of most routers; you can try this one or else proceed the other way as mentioned above
  • Check mark on the terms and conditions and tap on next
  • In the next step, we recommend to set the router’s future updates on auto-update for Linksys wireless routers setup
  • Enter the internet (WiFi) name and password in the desired field and hit on Next
  • After you have entered the WiFi name and password, then connect to a new WiFi name and press on next after returning to the setup
  • Now you will need to enter the password and tap on Next
  • It is better to add a password hint in case you forget it in future

You will receive a message that your router is set up, which means you have successfully set up a Linksys router, and how to setup a Linksys router problem is solved by now.

Linksys wireless router setup help is provided here; continue reading for

Linksys official support >> Linksys help

Linksys is one of the best company providing internet solutions via router. It can face some minor glitches or issues like firmware update or resetting the router for this kind of problems; we have provided you a full guide on Linksys router. So you can refer to this guide for your problems related to the Linksys router. If you are having trouble in executing the steps we have provided in this article, you can call on the number provided. The independent third-party service provider executive will pick up the call and answer your queries very patiently. So there is no need of concern if you are stuck somewhere, But in case you want official support or Linksys customer support, then we have provided you the contact details so that you don’t have to go somewhere else. We have such it for you and provided here. But we still suggest you read the article first or call on the number of this website.linksys help

Linksys Customer service number  1 800 546 5797
Linksys Customer Support number USA  800 326 7114
Linksys Technical Support Number Canada  877 855 6899
Linksys Customer service number Canada  1 800 546 5797

How to reset Linksys router? >> Resetting Linksys router

Follow these simple steps to achieve Linksys router reset. Before proceeding would like to tell you that resetting the Linksys router will delete all the data and internet security. So, we recommend backing up the data first and then proceeding with Linksys router reset. If you don’t know how to proceed with the backup, follow these steps.

  • Enter your router’s I.P. address in the browser. Use the default router address ( or find it on the router.
  • Enter your username, and a password prompt will appear. Leave the username field empty and enter ‘admin’ as the default password
  • Now, select the ‘Administration’ and ‘Management’ tab will appear to look for Backup and Restore at the bottomhow to reset linksys router
  • Tap on Backup and Restore > Backup configuration
  • A new tab will appear; click on save and set the location where you want to save this data
  • Your data is saved now, and you can proceed to update the file

Now, as you have backed up the data, let us proceed to Linksys router reset.

Steps for resetting Linksys router

Search for the reset button

  • Press and hold the reset button for 9-10 seconds; you may use a pencil or a pen to do so
  • Some other models of Linksys router should be pressed for 30 seconds. So, if your router reset in 10 seconds, try to go for 30 seconds.
  • Next, you need to unplug the power source of the router for a minute
  • Then again, plug it in and connect a P.C. or a laptop to the Linksys router
  • Type in the browser
  • Now enter the details asked, like username, password, and I.P. address
  • The username can be left blank, and enter ‘admin’ in the password field
  • Note- if you have changed your password or I.P. address, then enter that one instead
  • You will be bought to the administration tab
  • Tap on factory defaults > Restore factory defaults

This is how to reset Linksys router.

Steps for resetting Linksys extender >> Linksys router extender setup

You might need a Linksys router extender to extend the area of the internet network. However, sometimes Linksys router extender may not work properly or face some issues; in that case, you can try resetting Linksys extender.

Follow the steps for resetting Linksys extenderresetting linksys extender

Press the reset button on the Linksys router extender for 8-10 seconds and release this will reset your Linksys router extender. But, it might not be the case in every device; for that, you can reset it using your computer or laptop.

  • Go to browser and search for web-based set up of Linksys router extender
  • Login here using your Linksys router I.P. address which is 192. 168.1.1 and password as ‘admin’
  • Note: If you have changed your router’s I.P. address or password, enter that one instead
  • Here go to ‘Administration’
  • tap on ‘Factory Defaults’
  • Hit on ‘Restore Factory Default’
  • Unplug the router extender for 30 seconds and plug it back
  • The process of resetting Linksys extender is executed this way

Linksys download firmware help

In order to achieve Linksys download firmware, you need to follow this:-

  • Go to the official Linksys support site
  • Fill in the model number of your Linksys router
  • Tap on ‘Downoads’
  • Click on ‘Firmware’
  • Choose the hardware version of your device
  • Download Linksys firmware by tapping on the link
  • Go to downloads and install the file

Linksys download firmware is completed.

Linksys Firmware Updates help >> Linksys router firmware update steps

linksys download firmware

If the router faces issues, they can be fixed with Linksys router firmware updates. Updating the router firmware not only fixes the bug but also improves its functionality. Therefore the router may require a firmware update from time to time; here are the steps to achieve a Linksys firmware update –

  • Go to the browser and enter your I.P. address of the router, which is 192. 168.1.1, but if you have changed your I.P. address, then you have to enter the updated one
  • Now enter your details like username and password will be admin as it is a Universal password for the Linksys router but in case you have changed the password, then enter the same
  • You will be bought to an ‘Administrator’ page where you have to select firmware update
  • Tap on ‘Browse’ and select the file which has been downloaded earlier
  • Now, you need to click on Open > Start Upgrade and tap on Continue
  • You have to make sure that the router does not turn off during the firmware update process
  • After the process is completed, please switch off and then turn on the router

The Linksys firmware update process is now completed

Linksys support by us

linksys customer supportLinksys is a renowned name in the industry of routers; even though two immigrants in the U.S.A. founded it, it has been the first company to provide this kind of service. Although it still makes a high-quality product, it can face some minor issues; as discussed in this article, here we have tried to cover everything related to Linksys router. So you can refer to this article to find answers for your queries related to Linksys router. But if you are stuck somewhere and don’t know how to perform these steps, we have provided the number in that case for Linksys help. You can call on this number to connect with an independent third-party executive who will guide you through your queries and try to solve them in the best possible manner. So you can call this number, and your doubts will be resolved.