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gmail supportGmail is a webmail service provided by Google. It was launched in 2004, and currently, there are approximately 1.9 billion users of Gmail. When it was launched, it offered 1 gigabyte of storage space for every user, and at that time, it was enough storage for any user. But now, Gmail provides 15 gigabytes of storage capacity for every user. This cloud storage is enough for every user as for the email; anyone can send up to 25 megabytes of email and receive up to 50 megabytes of email. In addition, if anyone wants to send a more significant file, they can add attachments files from google drive. Google uses POP3 and IMAP protocols to send and receive encrypted emails, which are the best protocols for the safety of emails.

Gmail has unique features, which makes it different from other webmail service providers. It provides the facility to search the email just by “text” or “subject,” It has advanced features like managing your emails according to your preference. It has a special detecting feature that can detect your email and assign the mails in different folders like spam, important emails, etc. You can directly forward any email to another email address or send a Gmail group email. It has a draft feature where you can save an email and send it whenever possible. You have some other features like you can archive any mail, star any mail, mark as read, etc. Your inbox has various categories like Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates, and Forums, by which you can categorize your emails.

How to create a new Gmail account >>   How to make an account on Gmail

how to create a new gmail accountGmail is the modern-day postman, providing a service by which you can send and receive digital (electronic) mails to your friends, colleagues, and family with total security. Gmail is also used by companies all over the world for their business promotions and also for professional purposes. To use Gmail, you require a Gmail account. To setup Gmail account you have to follow the steps given below:-

  • Go to the given link to sign up for the Gmail Google Account creation page
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Now, enter the “username” as per your ease
  • If your username is not available, then you can select one username provided by Gmail automatically
  • Then enter the password and confirm it
  • After finishing all, click on “Next”
  • On the next page, they ask for your “Phone number” and another Gmail for this account recovery on Gmail
  • Both are optional, but you must enter one of them for your email id protection
  • Now, enter your birthday and Gender
  • And click on “Next”
  • On the next page, you have to verify your “phone number” by entering the OTP received on the given phone number
  • Next, you must “agree” to the “Term of Service”
  • Now, your Gmail accounts setup is done
  • You can also recommend these for someone “how to set up a Gmail account.”

These are the simple and easy steps to set up a Gmail account without any problem; you can do this yourself. However, verifying your phone number with a one-time password takes some time. Suppose you get any difficulties while the Gmail accounts setup, you are free to contact the independent third-party customer support number shown on your computer screen.

How to reset account Gmail password >> Password reset of Gmail

password reset of gmailGmail is the mainstream of our professional work because it has many essential emails we need, but sometimes we have a lot of work stress, so we forget our Gmail password. Then we need to recover password for Gmail account. For resetting my password for Gmail we have to follow the whole process of Gmail password reset. It takes some easy procedure to reset Gmail account password. Just follow some easy steps for resetting my password for Gmail given below:-

  • Open for a password reset of Gmail
  • Write down your Email id and click on “Next”
  • Now, you have three options to choose for recover password for Gmail account password reset
  • Please choose one of them, and reset a new strong password for your Gmail
  • After, Changing my password on Gmail,
  • The previous device you used, need to verify that’s you when you sign in

This is how you reset your Gmail password.

How to add contacts to Gmail >> Adding contacts to Gmail

Nowadays we have a lot of people in our life like friends, colleagues, family, etc. We want to connect with them on a regular basis, so we need their contacts. Saving contacts on a phone or sim is not practical due to limited space, or we might lose our phone. So we need a cloud platform where we can keep their contact safe and secure. And also we can access it from anywhere in the world. So adding contacts to Gmail is much safe and more secure for us. So we will tell you how to add your contact to your Gmail contacts list and use your contacts from your phone or tablet; open the contact list.

how to add contacts to gmail

  • Search the “add contact” option
  • Then, enter the details like; contact email, name, and number
  • Now you have to pick the Gmail account where you want to save the contact by tapping down the arrow
  • Add other details, like; photos, office or home, etc.
  • If you like to add more details like address and all, you can tap on more detail options
  • Now click on “save”
  • This is the process of Gmail adding contacts

Importing Contacts from Gmail >> Import contact from Gmail contacts list

When you have to import contact from your Gmail contacts list, then follow these simple and easy steps:-

  • Open your computer, click on this “Google Contacts” link with the Ctrl key
  • On the left side, you will see the option list; click on “import” from the list
  • Choose the file by clicking on the “select file”
  • Next, click on “Import”

Exporting contacts from Gmail >> Shared contact from Gmail

When you want to Share contacts from Gmail or export contacts from Gmail contacts list, you have to follow steps given below:-

  • On your computer, open this link “Google Contacts” by clicking with the Ctrl key on it
  • On the left side, scroll downward, and you will find the “Export” optionshared contacts for gmail
  • Select the contact which you want to export
  • Select the Google CSV file
  • Click on the “Export” menu
  • Top right of the page, click on your profile picture “sign out” option

How to edit contacts in Gmail >> Editing Contacts in Gmail contacts list

Sometimes we have to edit contacts in Gmail contacts list; then you have to follow the given steps:

  • Open the link “Google Contacts
  • Click the contact’s name you want to edit
  • Click on the “edit” option from the top-right
  • Edit whatever information you want to change
  • Now, click on the “save” option
  • Your contact is edited and saved

How to delete a contact in Gmail >> Find Contact in Gmail contacts list

Now, at last, you want to find a contact in Gmail contacts list or want to delete a contact in Gmail contacts list:-

  • Go to “Google Contacts” from your computer
  • Select the contact you want to delete, single contact, or Gmail group contacts
  • If you want to delete all the contact, select “All” at the top leftfind contacts in gmail
  • On the top, click on three vertical dots
  • Click on “delete” from the list
  • Your contact moved to “trash,” where it will stay for 30 days
  • Then if you want to delete the contact permanently
  • Go to “trash” and select all the contact
  • Then click on “Delete forever”

Gmail Customer Support >> Gmail help center

Gmail is the best company for professional work and personal work, which is supported by Google. It provides various services, including sending and receiving emails with encrypted software. But when you use your Gmail service, somehow you got some problem with Gmail like adding contacts to Gmail, exporting contacts from Gmail, importing contacts from Gmail, resetting my password for Gmail, changing my password on my Gmail, Gmail not working, etc. In this article on Gmail, we tried our best to resolve your Gmail issues and explained Gmail and its development from beginning to advanced features available now.

Meanwhile, if you get some problems while using Gmail or its features, you can connect to our independent third-party executive for Google supports Gmail. They will listen to your problems and provide the best solution to your problem with Gmail. But if you want to contact Gmail support email to the official Gmail help center to get Gmail customer support, you are free to use google supports Gmail official service.

Gmail Help Center

gmail customer support

Some common problems with Gmail

While we are using Gmail and its services, it’s expected that we may face some problems with Gmail. So here, we will discuss some common Gmail issues and the best solution, which our experts recommend.

How to resolve when Gmail App keeps crashing android >> Why isn’t my Gmail working

In this section, we will provide the solution for when Gmail keeps crashing android or why isn’t Gmail working. You have to follow the given steps:-

  • Open settings in your phone
  • Then open Gmail downloaded an app
  • Open storage of the app
  • Clear the cache and data from the storage
  • Then reboot your device
  • Open the Gmail app, then check whether it is working or not
  • If Gmail not working properly, then disable and enable your Gmail app
  • Now reboot your phone again
  • again you are facing the same problem
  • Now, sign in and sign out to your Gmail account
  • Now, disable the dark theme
  • Reboot your phone, and also update your app
  • Check your Gmail app
  • Your Gmail app crashing problem will be resolved

What to do when (you) I forgot my email address for Gmail >> Find my account Gmail help guide

Here, we will solve your problem when (you) I forgot my email address for Gmail, and it also helps you to find my account Gmail. Just follow the given steps:-

  • Click on the link “recover your Google Account or Gmail
  • Then, you have to enter your account recovery on Gmail address or phone number, which is linked to your Gmail account
  • Then enter the full name of your account
  • Click on the “next” tab
  • Now you get a verification code on your phone number or Gmail
  • Now choose your account
  • Your problem forgot my Gmail email id will be resolved

How to recover my Gmail account which is hacked >> Gmail account recovery help

When we are using the same Gmail account for a long time without changing our password, there might be a chance that it can be hacked. In this part, we will give the solution of the hacked Gmail account recovery, google help Gmail recovery, or you can say that recovering your Gmail account. You have to follow these steps when someone asked to you “how to recover my Gmail account” which is hacked:-

  • When your Gmail cannot sign in, then directly click on the link account recovery page
  • Follow the previous section of this article
  • Where you get to know about “recovering your Gmail account”
  • After sign-in again follow these to protect your Gmail account
  • On the left, you will see the panel open “setting” from it
  • On the next page, click on “Review security events”
  • Check your activity there; if you got any suspicious activity
  • Change the password immediately
  • Review all the apps and sites where you used your Gmail account
  • Remove saved passwords from everywhere
  • Now, for more security, turn on 2 step verifications setting
  • Remove all the suspicious and harmful software
  • Always use a secure browser
  • Review all the products of Gmail
  • Now, you can recover Gmail password anytime

Gmail Support by us

gmail help centerGmail is the best email site in the world, developed by Google. It is free of cost and provides encrypted security of mail from sending of the user to receiving of the user. There are billions of people using an email account at Gmail. It also provides the facility to save a contact, delete or share directly through email. You can also attach some big files with your mail and send them to anyone. Moreover, you can categorize your emails according to your priorities like important emails, spam emails, promotional emails, etc.

When you read this article, you get to know about Gmail and its features. You also learn about the solution to every problem faced while using Gmail, like; how to create a Gmail account? How to reset Gmail password? How to add a contact to Gmail? Importing contacts from Gmail, Exporting contact from Gmail, how to recover my account Gmail? etc. This article is a complete guide for the user and also for the students for educational purposes. Our experts tried their best to give complete information and solution to every problem related to Gmail. However, if you get any Gmail issues while using Gmail, you can get help from this article. If this article doesn’t solve your problem, you are free to contact the number shown on the screen for an independent third-party service provider. They will listen to your query and provide you with the best solution.