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Samsung is a South Korean multinational corporation discovered in the year 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul as a trading organization. Its headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung company comprises several affiliated industries, in which mostly united come under the Samsung brand, and it is the biggest South Korean business conglomerate (chaebol). In the late 1960s, Samsung arrived in the electronics business and after that, in the mid-1970s, it enters the shipbuilding and construction industries. Its affiliates involve the world’s biggest information technology, Samsung Electronics, Samsung heavy companies, chipmaker and customer electronic maker, Samsung C&T and Samsung engineering, shipbuilder, Samsung overland, Samsung life insurance, Cheil worldwide. It has a powerful influence on South Korea’s economic development, culture, media, and politics. It diversified into several dissimilar areas. Lee sought to establish it as the leader in a huge range of organizations. Samsung moved into lines of business including securities, insurance, and retail. In 2010, the Samsung industry introduced various efficient products such as Notebook N210, Laptop R580, and one of the best and reliable products such as color laser multifunction printer CLX-3185, and mono-laser printer ML-1660. Samsung also offers the best support services to tackle any kind of issue with these products. Whenever you need help regarding Samsung products or want to know more about them, you should call Samsung contact number. When you dial the Samsung number, you will be assigned the best Samsung customer support experts available at the Samsung call center who have been a pioneer in delivering reliable and effective resolutions via Samsung phone number. You can also take assistance via Samsung customer service chat. But if you are uncomfortable with Samsung support chat, then calling the Samsung support phone number is the fastest and reliable option to receive effective phone number

Samsung Helpline >> How to install the Samsung laser printer

If you are looking for a process on how to install a Samsung laser printer, then your search is finished here. You can go through this comprehensive process and complete this session without any hassles. In case of any difficulty, just dial Samsung contact number.

  1. Ensure you have downloaded the Samsung printer software installer in the download link.
  2. Plug the USB cable of your Samsung printer device to the PC for installing the downloaded software.
  3. Learn and check the instructions shown on the screen on how to install.
  4. Perform all the instructions/steps given in the installation procedure via your computer screen.
  5. Ensure all goes well. Contact Samsung customer care number or Samsung support chat if you need help regarding this topic.

Follow this method given above thoroughly and install the Samsung laser printer successfully. If you come across any kind of issue while using these steps, then you just require calling the Samsung phone customer service number and talk to executives sitting at the Samsung call center regarding your difficulty. The Samsung customer support team will explore your printer problem and provide the best solutions to that in real-time via Samsung 800 number. You may also get assistance from the best third-party Samsung telephone number.

Samsung Support Chat >> How to connect Samsung printer to wireless router?

In order to connect Samsung printer to wifi router, you have to go through this guide completely. These steps will help you in connecting your printer to wifi router easily. If you need help related to this guide, then you can directly call Samsung customer service phone customer care number

  1. Firstly, open the “Samsung printer simple manager software” in your system and from there you can switch on to advanced mode.
  2. Once the advanced mode has launched, you can simply choose your printer. After that, press the “Device settings” window from there.
  3. When the above tasks have been finished, then you can press the “Network settings” and move down to the listed-below point.
  4. Turn on the wifi direct from the system and then it will be required for filling in all the necessary details such as IP address, device name of your system, group owner, and a network password to make sure that the account is secure and safe.
  5. Press the “save” option that would be present at the bottom of the page in order to make sure that all the settings have been effectively saved.
  6. After that, get connected to wifi and then they can feel free to deliver any sort of print commands. Dial Samsung support phone number if any difficulty confronts.

Even after following this method systematically, if you confront any issue, then don’t wait, just contact Samsung helpline by using Samsung phone number to resolve your Samsung printer issue right away. The technicians available at the Samsung helpline will listen to the problems that you encounter and solve them instantly via Samsung number. Samsung phone customer service works 24 hours a day and night to offer the best support, so you can call Samsung telephone number anytime. If you don’t have any official and certified Samsung contact number, then you should visit the main site where you can also choose Samsung support chat service to chat with the executives.

Samsung Support Numbers – Official:

If you are looking for a reliable and official Samsung customer care number, then go through this guide. We have provided here some certified and official Samsung phone numbers, Samsung live chat support, and email services that are given as per the details found on the internet. Through these Samsung contact numbers and other options given below, you can solve any problem related to Samsung printer browser/driver compatibility, functioning, or other technical errors you come across with your printer device. However, these Samsung support numbers and other options are best and activate round the clock according to there searches, but still, we recommend you verify these details by yourself before utilizing them. Or, you may also utilize our support number in order to get instant support. We will connect you to the best independent third-party Samsung support phone number.

Samsung customer support number 800-726-7864
Samsung customer service number (1-800-726-7864)
Samsung live chat support https://www.sams



Samsung customer care number UK 0330 726 7864
Samsung tech support number for any additional info 1-866-371-9501
Samsung technical support phone number 1-800-SAMSUNG
Samsung office number UK 01932 455 000
Samsung email support UK https://www.sam


Samsung Customer Support >> How to setup Samsung color laser printersamsung support number

To setup Samsung Color laser printer, you need to follow this step by step process carefully. These steps are slightly easy to implement and assist you in setting up your Samsung color laser printer properly. If you come across any issue while using these steps provided below, then you can call Samsung 1800 number. You can get this Samsung 800 number from the official website. So, you should visit the main site and browse to get relevant resolutions of your concerns, or also choose Samsung customer service chat for live support through which you can chat with the executives. In case, you are not comfortable with Samsung live chat support, then calling Samsung phone number is the reliable and best way to get desired and efficient assistance.

Step-1. Unboxing the system and install the toner cartridges

It is the very preliminary point for unboxing the system and install your system and install the toner cartridges. Perform this step provided below carefully and call Samsung 800 number if you face any kind of difficulty.

  1. Firstly, unbox the printer perfectly and then launch the upper cover or scan the unit slowly. Click the slider button and slide this downwards to eliminate the upper cover.
  2. After that, you can view the internal cover that is below the top cover or the scanner part of the system. Pull it gradually upwards while you hold the slide lock of the inner cover. If you need help related to this step, then you can dial the Samsung support phone number.
  3. Now, remove the printer’s cartridge slowly.
  4. After doing this, uncover the latest toner cartridge and shake it at least five and six times to distribute it equally.
  5. Now, you require sliding down the toner cartridge lock and put it into the printer. Pushing the toner until it is suitable in its place.
  6. Close the internal cover and close the top cover or scan unit of your Samsung printer. For further help, call Samsung 800 number.

samsung numberStep-2. Loading the paper on your Samsung express color laser printer

Now, you should load the papers too on your printer. Perform all the points shown below and if you need more information regarding this step, then you can call Samsung number.

  1. Launch the Samsung printer’s front cover and fold it down.
  2. Now, you require pulling swinging arm which is inserted into the paper tray and take a paper stack which should behalf-inch to 1-inch thick in size.
  3. Gently click the stack’s shortestedgeon the flat surface till the other edge of all the sheets shows to be lined up. If anything goes incorrect, then call Samsung support number.
  4. Press the long edges of the paper stacks until the opposite side shows to be lined up.
  5. Lay paper stack’s one end on the tray of your printer and line up the stack with the window shown on the right side of the paper tray.
  6. Push the paper stack forward before you open your printer and push it forward without blocking it into the printer.
  7. Slide the tab on the left-hand side of your Samsung Express color laser printer for inserting the tray inner side and then power on the printer. For further help, call Samsung customer service phone number or use Samsung customer service chat.

Step-3. Install the software of printer and choose the interface connection type

After doing so, you need to follow this installation process to install the software app on your laptop or desktop for accessing the printing services on printer. Perform the following steps carefully. In case of any issue, call Samsung 1800 number.

  1. Firstly, get your Installer software CD that you obtained with the Samsung color laser.
  2. Insert the compact disc in your CD-ROM and locate the “My computer” section.
  3. Launch the “My computer” option and then double-press the CD-ROM to launch the software program file.
  4. Once the setup file or folder shows on the window press the Extract button. After that, tap the “run” program.
  5. Perform the instructions shown on the screen, press the “Accept all terms and conditions” for proceeding the next.
  6. Press the next button again and again until the set-up wizard displays on the screen for installation. If you have any doubts, then call Samsung 1800 number for better customer service phone number
  7. Now, press the Finish button to finish the installation procedure and close this screen.
  8. To connect the wireless Samsung color laser printer device to a router, firstly, you require checking for the USB port available router’s backside. Connect your Samsung color laser printer to the router through USB cable offered with the printer system. If you don’t have USB cable, then you should utilize USB Ethernet cable. If you have any confusion in this step, then you can clear it by calling the Samsung 800 number.
  9. Put your printer near the router so that you can easily link the cable without bending it.
  10. Connect one end of the USB cable to the printer and another end to the router system.
  11. Now, connect the printer to an extension socket or electronic socket and then power on the
  12. Wait for some time until the router device identifies and executes the Samsung printer.
  13. Once you are completed with these guidelines perfectly, try taking printouts of some pages on your printer. Call Samsung customer service phone number to get further help regarding this topic.

We hope, these steps will assist you in setting up your Samsung color laser printer successfully. But you may be stuck anywhere if you don’t follow these steps carefully. In that situation, when you stuck or you need instant support to fix your technical issue, then we recommended you to call Samsung customer service phone number.

Samsung Live Chat>> How to fix Samsung printer issues on Windows 10

While using your Samsung printer on windows 10, if you are facing some technical issues that are unable to fix by yourself, then you need to apply some effective troubleshooting solutions as provided in this section. Execute all these solutions one by one and try to fix your issue completely. In case, you require any assistance regarding these solutions, you can contact Samsung telephone number or Samsung customer service chat.

samsung contact numberSolution-1. Ensure it is not a hardware issue

Firstly, inspect if the Samsung printer works when linked with other PCs. There is often a chance of hardware problems, so save yourself efforts and a lot of time by ruling it out in the very beginning.

Solution-2. Check your Samsung printer if detected

  • Click on the start menu to open it and proceed with the settings option.
  • Press the devices and choose the “Scanners and Printers” option.
  • Check if the Samsung printer is available or not in the devices list. If so, then press the “Add a scanner or printer” option.
  • Wait for some time until your operating system locates the desirable printer.
  • If you fail while doing so, then choose the “printer that I wish is not listed” option.
  • After doing so, choose the “My printer is a little older. Assist me to find it” option.
  • When you have done all these things, windows will find for your device again. For more info, call Samsung telephone number.

This process will rectify your issue easily. You just perform these instructions given above. If you need further help regarding this solution, then you can call the Samsung contact number. As the Samsung phone customer service is active all the time day and night, you can call Samsung support number anytime and anywhere. The official and certified Samsung numbers are accessible on its main site.

Solution-3. Deactivate your antivirus

Lots of people have reported that their anti-malware or antivirus tools block their printers after updating the Windows 10 version 1803. It is the best idea to inspect that is it your case. As such, temporarily deactivate your security resolution and check if this has solved your problem. If it has, then you require configuring the software to consider the Samsung printer a safe and secure device or switch to another tool for protecting your device. If you need help regarding this solution, then you can dial the Samsung 1800 number. The Samsung customer support team sitting at the Samsung phone customer service will resolve your issue by offering the best helpline

Solution-4. Utilize Special Troubleshooter

You are very lucky if your windows 10 device has a complete arsenal of troubleshooter that aimed to protect your device from several problems. There are mainly 2 tools that you might find specifically useful in this case:

  • Click the ‘Windows logo’ and ‘I’ key from your keyboard.
  • When the settings application is up, press the “Update and Security” option.
  • Navigate to troubleshoot.

You will get two troubleshooters that you should apply one after another: This printer troubleshooter is 1 for the devices and hardware. We hope, you will obtain your Samsung printer back to back. If you want to know further information regarding this solution, then you can contact Samsung helpline by using a Samsung number or Samsung customer service chat. The experts available at the Samsung call center will understand your issue first and then give you appropriate solutions to resolve them via Samsung 1800 number.

Solution-5. Update the Samsung printer drivers

You can easily simplify this procedure by utilizing Device Manager. Here are some guidelines for this:

  • Right-press the Windows logo icon on the taskbar.
  • Choose the device manager from the menu.
  • Locate your Problematic Samsung printer.
  • Search for device manager for the printer driver you require online.

samsung 800 numberThis process defined that the simplest method to fix your driver problems is, by far, utilizing dedicated software. For further assistance regarding this solution, dial Samsung phone customer service number or use Samsung support chat. The experts sitting at the Samsung call center will recognize your issue and deliver you suitable solutions via Samsung customer care number.

Solution-6. Fix the print spooler of the printer

If all the problems above have been resolved and the printer is still not working fine, then it is possible that the print spooler might have any problem. Therefore, you have to clean spooler files and restart the service:

  • Click the Windows logo and S shortcut keys to launch the search pop up window.
  • Enter the services into the search area.
  • Choose the appropriate result and locate the services list.
  • Now, locate the printer’s print spooler. Double -press on it.
  • After that, choose the stop button and press the OK button.
  • Go to the search again and input the command: %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printer.
  • Choose the folder in question and empty it.
  • Now, go to the services again. Double-press the Print Spooler.
  • Choose the start button and set the startup type to automatic and press the OK button for saving the changes. For more info, call Samsung customer service phone number.

All the above solutions are pretty straightforward to execute. Follow all the solutions one by one and check which solution works properly and fix this issue completely. In case, any solutions don’t work, then you should reach the Samsung call center. Although, not all consumers are tech-savvy or have the knowledge to fix the technical problems. That’s why Samsung offers a reliable Samsung customer care number for better guidance and support. You just require calling the Samsung telephone number whenever you stuck and the support experts sitting at the Samsung helpline will under control all your troubles. If you are seeking an official Samsung phone number, then you have to find it on the official site where you can also access Samsung live chat. If you could not contact the official Samsung support number due to any network connection issue, then you can use our support phone number available on this webpage. It will redirect you to a reliable independent third-party Samsung support phone number.