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Google Home is a smart speaker’s brand first released in 2016 in the USA and it’s developed by Google. This device enables you to speak voice commands for interacting with services via Google Assistance. Both third-party services and in-house are integrated, permitting you to receive news updates, listen to music, control photos or playback of videos. It also has integrated help for home automation, letting you control the smart home appliances with your voice. Through the software updates to Google Assistant and Google Home devices, further functionality has been added over time. In 2017, Google announced many updates, such as proactive updates ahead of scheduled events, free hands-free phone calling, visual responses on Chromecast enabled TV or mobile devices, the capability to add Calendar and reminders appointments and Bluetooth audio streaming. If you want its more specific and attractive features or you face any kind of issue while using your Google home, then you can directly contact Google Home setup service using Google Home support number. The certified technicians sitting at the Google Home helpline will help you and provide appropriate solutions to your issues via Google Home support phone number. The Google Home customer service number is the best and reliable option to obtain effective and finest home setup

Google Home Setup >> How to set up Google Home application

To setup your Google Home application, you need to apply these steps given below. In case of any issue, just dial Google Home help number.

1.      Connect the power cord into the Google home’s base.

  1. Connect the power adapter into an outlet. Doing so, the unit will boot up automatically, and directing you to finish the setup of Google home app.
  2. Launch the “Google home application” and hit “Setup” on one device fond card in the discover window.
  3. Click “yes” for setting up the device.
  4. When you connected, Google will test the sound by playing it to make sure that it is linked to the correct unit. In case, you hear the tone, click the “yes” button.
  5. Google can utilize data from Google home speakers to enhance the performance and resolve the issues in the software, but this will just collect the data if you opt-in to share your crash reports and stats. Click the “no thanks” if you don’t wish to participate or choose “Yes, I am in” for sharing the data. In case of any doubts, dial Google Home customer service number.
  6. Click the “room” your speaker is going to live in.
  7. Click the next button.
  8. Now, give the name of your Google home and hit next.
  9. Choose the “wifi network” to connect your speaker too and hit next.
  10. Through wifi setup, you will see an introduction window for google assistance appears. Click the “next” for proceeding with the Google assistance setup.
  11. Voice match assists Google to distinguish your voice. Click “I agree” to set it up.
  12. After doing so, you need to speak 4 prompts that Google assistance shows you for supplying a voice sample. In case, you previously have Voice match setup from the other phones or speakers, Google may add your exiting voice print to the device.
  13. After enabling the voice match, Google assistance asks if you wish to turn on personal results so that it can provide you reminders, calendar events, and other personal data from your account. Click the “I agree” button for enabling this or choose the “no thanks” option to leave the personal results turned home wifi setup
  14. Provide your address to the given field. It will be utilized for traffic, weather, and other responses. After that, click the “Confirm address” button.
  15. You can connect music accounts to your Google assistance for playing music for you. Click the “Plus icon” to sign in and associate with the account.
  16. Hit next once you are completed adding your video accounts.
  17. Confirm your details and settings so far. And hit the save button.
  18. Now, click the “continue” option.
  19. Your Google Home setup process is almost over. Click ‘continue’ for proceeding to a demo.
  20. Through the sample commands, scroll down and click the “Finish setup” button. For further help, call Google Home support phone number.

The procedure to set up Google Home application is over now. If you follow these points listed above carefully, then you can easily set up your Google Home and also you don’t need to call any Google Home support number. But, if you are unable to understand these fixes, then you need to contact Google Home setup service via Google Home customer service number. The Google Home help team will rectify your issue and give you the finest solutions to your problems.

Google Home Support Numbers – Official:

Are you searching for a verified Google Home support phone number? If so, then you don’t need to go anywhere else, this guide will help you properly. Here, you will find some official and active Google Home customer service numbers, live chat and email services. We have briefly mentioned here these contact options according to our search on the internet. However, these Google Home help numbers or other contact options are active and verified. But these may be changed by its actual manufacturer, so before using these contact options, you must verify by yourself. Or else, you can dial our support number posted on this web-portal to gain instant and effective assistance. It will connect you to the reliable third-party Google Home setup number.

Google home customer service number 1-(855) 971-9121
Google Home support number 1‑855‑469‑6378
Google Home chat support -chooser=true
Google Home contact number UK 0808 169 2307
Google Home service number Australia 61 1800 905 941
Google Home technical support UK 844-701-7229
Google Home UK residence 0800-026-1217

google home support phone numberGoogle Home Wifi Setup >> How to connect Google Home to wifi

To connect your Google Home to wifi network, you need to perform these guidelines listed here. If you stuck anywhere, then you may take the help of Google Home wifi setup number.

  1. Firstly, open your Google Home application.
  2. Choose or provide the Google account details that you want to connect with your Google Home device.
  3. In case, prompted, enable Bluetooth on your iOS or Android device.
  4. Now, your Google Home should be founded by the application. Hit next.
  5. After doing this, the speaker will make a sound. In case, you heard this sound, then choose the “yes” in the application.
  6. Choose the location of your device.
  7. Provide a specific name for your speaker.
  8. You will see a wifi network list. Select the network that you want to link Google Home and hit next.
  9. If you have done all these things successfully, then you will view a connected notification shown on the screen. For more information, call the Google Home wifi setup number.

The process to connect Google home to wifi is completed now. Follow these step by step instructions carefully and finish this session successfully. In case, any issue persists you, just dial Google Home support phone number. The experts available at the Google Home wifi setup service will provide you the finest solutions and resolve your issues instantly. As Google Home help center is open all the time day and night, you can give a call on Google Home support phone number anytime and consult with Google Home wifi setup team to fix your issues without any delay. You can also take the assistance of any trustworthy third-party Google Home support number.